RedHat Enterprise Virtualization on IBM Power8

LinuxonPower Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for IBM Power Systems. A little more than a year ago, IBM announced a commitment to invest $1 billion <>; in new Linux and open source technologies for Power Systems. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for IBM Power Systems signals Red Hat’s alignment with IBM’s new strategy for its Power Systems servers. Public announcement will follow but you can share this information with customers now.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for IBM Power Systems combines KVM hypervisor technology with a centralized management console that allows customers to administer a mix of Power Systems and x86 virtual environments from a single pane of glass. Dense KVM-based virtualization environments on Power Systems are now supported with the ability to run any number of Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests on a single host, giving customers full access to advanced functionality of the KVM hypervisor: High Availability Assurance - In the event of a host failure, RHEV will quickly restart those virtual machines that were running on the failed host to other hosts within the environment, ensuring that downtime is minimized. Live Migration and Storage Live Migration – Users can move a virtual machine from one host to another as needed (including for system upgrades, manual load assignment, preventive maintenance, etc.) without downtime. This seamless operation has zero impact on end users accessing the virtual machines. Intelligent Load Balancing - If the load of one virtual machine begins to impact the performance of others, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization can automatically balance the virtual machines across hosts, reducing the overload condition and ensuring that operations continue smoothly. Centralized Template Management - Users can build and manage templates for virtual machines and provision them to any host with a few mouse clicks, greatly simplifying the creation of new virtual machines rapidly. Self-Service Portal for Quick Provisioning – Users can log into a full self-service portal to provision their virtual machines, to shut them down, and to control the portion of the environment that they have been allocated, reducing IT operations staff workload. Power Systems customers who have not yet virtualized their infrastructure will now be able to tap into the opportunities that KVM-based virtualization provides on the POWER8 architecture.